Anyone who wants to make a purchase or has to bridge a short-term financial bottleneck, there are numerous ways to take advantage of a loan . The offers for cheap loans change almost daily and serve almost every loan request.

But especially with the large number of loan offers, it pays to look more closely, because the differences in credit terms are sometimes considerable. Thus, a loan comparison , no matter what loan amount and duration is ultimately chosen, quite a state savings. So comparing lending is worthwhile. And that already starts with a mini loan offer , like you find here with Jay Gatsby.

Only through a comprehensive credit comparison , you make sure that you really take the desired amount of credit at the, for you personally most favorable and best terms. Lending money cheaply starts with a comparison of credit conditions. You can find our credit calculator >> HERE <<

With a few details, you can see on what terms your Jay Gatsby credit can be awarded to you. The credit comparison is completely non-binding and free of charge. There will be no pre-registration to the SCHUFA and therefore your SCHUFA-Score will not be devalued.

What loan for what?

What loan for what?

Loans differ not only in terms of their terms, but above all by the nature of the use, the form of the application, the amount of the loan and much more. There is not one credit for everything .

When it comes to the financing of consumer goods or the free use of the loan amount, then one usually speaks of a classic installment loan . But the terms consumer credit and consumer credit are quite common. All have in common that these loans are not tied to a specific purpose.

Special forms of the aforementioned types of loans are loans that can only be requested online. If requested loan amounts are to be disbursed quickly, one speaks here of quick loans or also instant, lightning and express loans.

Common to all these forms of credit is that the loan amounts here are at least € 3,000 and that the minimum loan term is set at 12 months.

Loan amounts ranging from € 50 to € 3,000 are called mini- loans and small loans. The special form of mini loan is also the only type of loan characterized by the maximum loan term of 90 days and the amount borrowed is not repaid in monthly installments, but at the end of the repayment period by a one-time repayment including interest incurred for the period of credit usage.

Made for you: the  mini loan

Made for you: the  mini loan 


If you would like to borrow money cheaply, we offer you a perfect mix of the most common types of credit with our offer for a loan >>

  • Request online in less than 5 minutes
  • Cheapest mini loan with 7.95% interest pa effectively in the credit comparison
  • Mostly cheaper than a credit line
  • No need to go to a bank
  • Available around the clock
  • Small loan amounts available
  • Short maturities
  • No permanent burden of credit
  • On request loan payment within a few hours
  • Even with loaded SCHUFA



300 € credit for new customers

If you take out a short-term loan of 300 € for 30 days, you have to pay back the following amount: Loan amount: 300 €, duration 30 days, APR 0.0%. The debit interest amounts to 0 €, so that at the end of the term 300 € are to be paid back.

300 € credit

If you take out a short term loan of 300 € for 30 days, you have to pay back the following amount: Loan amount: 300 €, duration 30 days, effective annual interest 7.95% (fixed). The debit interest is € 1.89, so that at the end of the term € 301.89 are to be paid back.

The 0% interest deal we offer on Jay Gatsby is an introductory offer. This deal only applies to new customers of Novum Bank Limited who have filed an application through Jay Gatsby. The offer is valid until 30.04.2019.

Multiple winner of the BankingCheck Award


Especially when it comes to credit, satisfied customers are the highest bid for us as a credit provider. That’s why we offer our mini credit offer to the ratings and experience reports of our customers in the context of the prestigious Banking Check Award . With success, because so far we were able to prove in each year of our participation foremost places.

  • In 2015: 1st place
  • In 2016: 1st place
  • In 2017: 2nd place
  • In 2018: 2nd place

More than 7,800 customer reviews , an average recommendation rate of over 98%, and a service score of 4.7 points (reachable to a maximum of 5.0) paint a clear picture of Jay Gatsby and the credit offer associated with this brand: